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Wolfish Wanderings


28 December
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Wow, I won a fic award!!! I won BEST GEN Story at the 2008 WFAs - The World's Finest Awards - for "JLA: Necessary Force", my ongoing WIP JLA/Superman/Batman novella story. Wow. I can't figure out how to display my Prize Banner created for me by the incomparable sasha_anu without the code, but you can see it on the Main Page for "Necessary Force", as well as in front of Part 8. :-)

And I'm once again a winner of a 'procrastination award' of sorts! I'm really getting quite good at putting things off, methinks. I've even put off pasting my award! *blush*

This lovely prize (and the one below too) was made by the ever talented damo_in_japan! Thanks, DaMo! :-)


Okay, I have no idea what to put here, but here goes: I'm an aspiring filmmaker, but I work in a variety of fields, a 'bouquet of employment', if you will. I am a professional teacher, and currently hold a post teaching primary and intermediate French, although I am trained as a secondary school English/Drama/Socials teacher. But that's only part-time, so I also run my own private tutoring business, follow a dream by working in the film and television industry in smatters, (mostly as a P.A. or as a background performer, or actor, if I'm lucky) and also as a clerk in a comic book store. (!) I'm Canadian, and divide my time between the remote and woodsy northern interior, and a large rainy city on the west coast.

I do enjoy reading fanfiction, and have recently been trying my hand at a few of my own, as a sort of learning tool. Fandoms I enjoy include: (but are not limited to) comics, (of course, especially JLA, and Superman and Batman) various of the Star Treks, (esp. TOS, DS9, & ENT) Stargate: SG-1, Harry Potter, (love a lot of fantasy literature, actually, including Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Prydain books) Due South, the Sentinel, Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Smallville, Star Wars (original) Lost, I Spy, Battlestar Galactica (both original and new), Highlander, Justice League, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, and various cartoons and anime, (such as Yami No Matsuei and oh my, my new favourite, Kyou Kara Maou!) especially the pioneering and awesome Gatchaman. (On which the much less good Battle of the Planets was derived.) The only online sites I belong to (besides a few Yahoo Groups) is a RL meet-up club for Firefly and Serenity fans, and an awesome writing site for Gatch called Bird Go, where you can learn a LOT about writing. ( www.birdgo.com )

I'm sure I've forgotten something in there too, but, as you may notice, ... my interests in other things besides fandom are vast! Thanks!

Paxwolf the Profiler :-)

I look forward to learning more about LiveJournal and about the kinds of interactions and neat people you can meet here! :-)

P.S. - Just a quick note to anyone who Friends me - I'm always amazed and honoured that anyone finds me interesting enough to befriend - particularly since I don't get to post all that often. I have MAJORly limited Internet access, and pretty limited free time when I am online, so please do know I mean no offense or rudeness if I do not friend you back. I simply don't have enough time to peruse your no doubt delightful journals. (Honestly, I cannot keep up with the ones I do have, and sometimes this becomes a source of angst and stress already.) Thank you, however, for your kind interest, and for your understanding! :-) (and feel free to friend me anyways, if you still so desire. I certainly have no objection!)

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